The Magnificent Miss F.


Step right up! Feast your eyes on this handsome beauty! A kiss on the cheek from whichever side you fancy for only 5 cents! 10 cents gets you a kiss from both!

His Lovely Assistant

Come! Say a prayer for this daring beauty! Our knife throwers daggers are razor sharp, so we hope his aim is true! Step right up! Who wants a bear? See for yourself how sharp these daggers are! What a brave beauty!

Priscilla and Peach

Come one! Come all! Witness these hypnotizing beauties! Is she one girl or two? Stare deep into her spinning wand and let her make up your mind for you!

Max and Jax

A story of siamese twin teddy bears, who covet their independence so passionately that neither might survive... Read their story here:

Memento Mori

The Moon

The Salesman

Voodoo Doll


The Prototype


The Nightmare Muncher


Zylphia had misplaced her pet, she paced about, she cursed and fret. She found the door'd been left ajar but couldn't dream that he'd go far. She looked around with great suspense, while all admired her fashion sense.

Violet and Vivian

Violet and Vivian, two sisters share one trunk. When one drinks wine the other finds that she has gotten drunk. One likes dogs, the other cats, they share most things but never hats. They find that they have twice the fun, two heads are better than just one.


Vertiline, oh Vertiline, She met her end on Valentines. She stepped into the lions cage and tamed them there upon the stage. The lions all behaved so well, was to the tiger that she fell.


Eudora, much to her dismay, perished deep beneath the waves. And to this day she haunts the seas, but her story's not sad you see, for in her watery grave her bones did fall in love with Davy Jones.


Flora hates to sit up straight, to be proper is frightening. But she can't move a hair since the day she was dared to get herself struck by lightning. She cannot help but look morose, for now her body's comatose. But now she has a good excuse for being lazy and obtuse.

Mary Ann Cotton

Mary Ann Cotton whose core was quite rotten had herself husbands galore. By the time she was hung for what she had done, she had gotten rid of four, put sixteen children in their graves, and killed her mother, and a maid. Perhaps she suffered too much stress from a foul case of PMS.





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